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Drum Covering Sheets in Sparkle Finishes 24"x 54" full sheet
Drum Covering Sheets in Sparkle Finishes 24'x 54' full sheet

Drum Covering Sheets in Sparkle Finishes 24"x 54" full sheet

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When ordering full sheets, be careful when calculating the number of full sheets required to cover your drums. We recommend allowing 1/2 extra material in depth, and 2 in length. Remember, the length of the wrap is equal to the circumference of the drum:  Circumference = Diameter x 3.14  Drum wrap colors and patterns may vary from one batch to another, as part of the manufacturers tolerance. If you are building or recovering drums one at a time, we suggest purchasing enough wrap to do all the drums so they are guaranteed to match. Drums with a diameter larger than 16 will require more than one piece of wrap to cover the drum creating two seams. Wraps should be cut so that seams will be positioned as close to the bottom of the shell as possible. When using a paint/finish remover like Zipstrip to remove old glue from drum shells, wait at least 24 hours before applying the new glue and wrap. Drum wraps should be adhered to drum shells using 3M 30-NF contact cement. You may be able to find it in your local hardware store, or purchase it from us. One quart will cover a five piece kit or more.  DUE TO THE FRAGILE NATURE OF COVERING THE SHEETS ARE NON-RETURNABLE. 

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