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RBH Custom Drums Hand Made Three Piece Mahogany/Maple Monarch Drum Set with Birdseye Maple Inlay

RBH Custom Drums Hand Made Three Piece Mahogany/Maple Monarch Drum Set with Birdseye Maple Inlay

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RBH Custom Drums Hand Made Three Piece Mahogany/Maple Drum Set with Birdseye Maple Inlay
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Monarch series drums employ a 3-ply configuration, based on very popular drums-1 produced by several drum companies of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. These drums produce a warm, round and punchy tone, with few overtones; they sound equally well along the tuning spectrum, whether tuned high or low. Monarch drums are extremely studio friendly and record exceptionally well.

All Monarch drums feature the time honored 3-ply construction which contain a poplar core that is sandwiched between any number of different species of wood. The most common configuration is mahogany-poplar-mahogany, with solid steam bent hard maple reinforcing hoops. Veneer for Monarch drums is hand selected and cut, glue pressed to a center core of poplar, which is cut from select 1/8” stock, free of knots or voids. Once out of the molds, the raw shells are cut to size and reinforcing hoops applied. After trimming the reinforcing hoops, the shell is thoroughly sanded and ready for finish.

Monarch Series toms’ tuning range is vast. Many vintage drums have one or two sweet spots, however Monarch toms sound full, open, and highly expressive at any tuning. Whether tensioned high for bebop or low and fat for rock and funk, these drums punch through in any playing situation. The bearing edges are cut to a round-over, but 45-degree edges are available.

Monarch bass drums are meticulously crafted to produce a punch and bottom unmatched by other drums. Round and melodic at higher tunings, to fat and punchy at lower tunings, the resonance remains focused and controlled. “The best recorded bass drum sound I’ve ever produced” – Mike Dawson, Modern Drummer Magazine. Each Monarch bass drum comes standard with poplar reinforcing hoops and rounded bearing edges that allow each drum dynamic range and punch, without unnecessary ring; Rbh bass drums need very little additional dampening.

This drum set includes the following mahogany/maple/mahogany drums with a Birdseye maple inlay and maple reinforcement rings.
8x12 Rack Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
16x22 Bass Drum
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