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Tama Snare Drum Star Series Limited Edition 6.5x14 Solid Curly Maple - PASIC 2017 Model

Tama Snare Drum Star Series Limited Edition 6.5x14 Solid Curly Maple - PASIC 2017 Model

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Tama Snare Drum Star Series Limited Edition 6.5x14 Solid Curly Maple - PASIC 2017 Model
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Handcrafted Maple Snare
This TAMA Star maple snare represents the best of TAMA's fine Japanese craftsmanship, with looks and hardware to match its extraordinary response. The TAMA Star's 8mm maple shell is dry, fast, and articulate — an easy-miking studio snare that boasts plenty of projection for the stage. 8mm reinforcement rings strengthen the shell and focus the tone, and a highly figured curly maple outer give this snare a look that's meant to be seen. TAMA's noiseless Linear-Drive throw off mechanism holds the redesigned Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare wires tight against the bottom head for good sensitivity, while engraved zinc die-cast hoops deliver a crisp attack and stable intonation.

One of the finest production snares available
Numerous innovations have gone into making the TAMA Star maple snare one of the best production snares on the market. Flat snare beds give the snare coils more consistent contact with the bottom head for a crisper tone. One-piece lugs, reduced in number from 10 to 8, minimize weight on the drum for added resonance. And three air holes positioned around the shell give the TAMA Star snare a nice, dry crack and 360° projection. Sweetwater drummers were especially fond of TAMA's Linear-Drive strainer, which is effectively noiseless at throwing snare wires on and off.

Die-cast hoops are sensitive and stable
TAMA's world-class craftsmanship didn't stop at its shells. Engraved zinc die-cast hoops give the Star maple snare a crisp attack and focused tone. Die-cast hoops are generally considered easier to tune and stay truer than triple-flanged hoops, and in the case of the Star maple snare, they give strong rim knocks and rimshots. On top of that, TAMA's cup-shaped Hold Tight washers with rubber rings do a great job of keeping tension screws from loosening through heavy playing.

Remo heads provide great tone out of the box
For great tone, the TAMA Star maple snare comes fitted with Remo drumheads: an Ambassador Coated on top, and an Ambassador Snare Side on the bottom. This tried-and-true combo delivers a classic look and meaty tone with great snare response for rock to jazz.

6.5"x14" 8mm Solid Curly Maple w/ 8mm Sound Focus Ring
Die-Cast Hoop (8 hole)
Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snare Wire (MS20RL14C)

These were Snare Drums displayed at PASIC 2017 convention center for consumers to test and hear, but have never been played out or gigged with!  May be stick marks on the drum head!
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